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Andrew Silver

Who — and what — Shapes Us is his collection of optimistic films about education, sports, romance, family.

andrew silver portrait

The collection includes "Profiles of Early Childhood Educators” (2019) an inspiring approach to early childhood education watch it.

"Lovely" wrote one viewer.

"Profiles in Aspiration" are portraits of well-spoken women athletes who pole vault, run, fence, gym wheel, climb, irish dance.
"It's wonderful, fun, entertaining.”

– Miriam E. Nelson author of "Strong Women Stay Young”

Profiles In Aspiration (official website)

"Second Wind” and "Radio Cape Cod” star beloved British actresses playing four generations of mothers and daughters, passing on wisdom, and trying something new.

Second Wind (watch entire film: 72min)

Filmed over 10 years, the characters and actors shape one another over time.

“I auditioned and immediately clicked with the director, Andrew Silver.
He’s an interesting filmmaker and it was lovely to work with him on a film about women.
The film explores the different natures of love and how they can co-exist and be very conflicting.”

– Tamzin Merchant

Silver earned 2 degrees from MIT and a doctorate in organizational psychology from Harvard Business School.

He is a co-author of "A Film Director's Approach to Nurturing Creativity,” an article in the Harvard Business Review and a chapter in the Harvard Business School Press anthology, “Breakthrough Thinking.”

He serves on the Council for the Arts at MIT, the board of directors of the Coolidge Corner Theater, the Board of Governors of the HBSAB, and is a research affiliate at MIT, where he leads a seminar on leadership. Wikipedia